Is Tying Your Shoes Tripping You Up?

Hey athletes and other shoe wearers,

If you need to double knot your shoes to keep them from coming untied, you are tying your shoes incorrectly.  Watch this Ted Talk and learn the correct way.   Sometimes the little changes make a big difference.


Patient #1000

In 2008, our company switched over to electronic record keeping. We started the database with client #0001. Today we entered into our database a new client, client #1000. Those of us who have been with the company since 2008 took a moment to reflect on that milestone. What a good feeling it is to know how many people we have helped communicate and, and in turn, how humbled we feel to have so many clients entrusting us to help impact their lives in a positive way. We are very grateful! And we look forward to helping the next 1,000 people!

BCBSMA HMO/POS Patients No Longer Need Authorization For Speech Therapy

We received a bulletin from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA)  stating, effective October 1, 2014, providers will no longer need to request prior authorization for speech therapy for our HMO/POS members.   BCBSMA went on to state, “We regularly track and trend efficiencies for providers.  Since we have seen proper adherence to the guidelines for these services, we have decided to remove the administrative burden of completing SmartSheets and/or requesting authorizations.”

This is a win-win-win situation for Primary Care Physicians, patients, and Speech-Language Providers.